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Healthy blood flow and oxygen delivery to the tissues is essential for the health of an individual. Without sufficient oxygen delivery to the tissues, a functional hypoxia (low tissue oxygen levels) exists, causing degeneration of many organs within the body. This leads to elevated enzymes of the liver, kidney, and pancreas. The hypoxia hastens the aging process in general. Ozone combats the hypoxia by allowing more oxygen to be released from the red blood cells at the tissue level, allowing the tissues to heal.


Aging and degenerative diseases are caused by decreased oxygen utilization by the tissues. The unit within each cell that causes effective utilization is called the mitochondria, and it is powered by NAD/NADH ratio. Decreased oxygen utilization can be due to pre-mitochondrial factors (decreased lipolysis, inflammation, hypoglycemia, hypoxia, ischemia) or mitochondrial factors (toxicity, infections, stress, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, decreased fitness) which causes increased free radical production and the subsequent degenerative diseases associated with aging.




What does Ozone Therapy do?


Ozone therapy stimulates oxygen utilization by improving the NAD/NADH ratio and by decreasing the rate of decay of mitochondria present in the tissues. Ozone reacts with lipids in the cell membrane to form ozonides which convert NADH to NAD, thus increasing oxygen utilization. Ozonides are also antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, and enhance chemotherapy and radiation. Cancer thrives in areas of poor oxygenation and cancers actively inhibit cellular reactions in mitochondria, creating areas of hypoxia and poor oxygen utilization. Ozonides increase the function of the mitochondria increasing oxygenation of tissues, thereby inhibiting the spread of cancer. Ozone therapy increases the buffering of free radicals much better than oral antioxidant therapy does. Ozone also stimulates cytokines (tumor necrosis factor, interleukin 2, interferon G) that fight cancer, because they stimulate the immune system without causing side effects. Direct injection into cancer causes tumor cell to rupture (apoptosis). They also protect healthy cell against the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy by increasing antioxidant enzyme activity.


How can we use Ozone Therapy in veterinary medicine?


1. Can be used I wound management, hot spots, abscesses, allergic dermatitis, etc.

2. Chronic and acute lymes disease

3. Acute and chronic liver disease

4. Acute and chronic kidney disease

5. Pancreatitis

6. Viral and bacterial diarrhea

7. Adjunctive cancer therapy

8. Stomatitis, gingivitis

9. Chronic ear infections, yeasty ear infections

10. Seizures

11. Autoimmune reactions

12. Heart disease

13. Ear hematomas



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